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on May 28, 2009 - 1:22pm

It's a beautiful 71 degree day here. I actually went out and took a short walk. Jr (my dog) loved it! He doesn't get to walk very often or very far dr.s orders and he loves walking. It's so fun to see him perk up and act like a puppy even at 16+ yrs old. He's my sanity here at home along with who else? Josh of course. I might try and get out and weed a bit in the yard. I'm suppose to get more vitamin D. That's one way to get it. It's just not fast enough. Not a lot going on at the moment. I have some down time till 4:00 then I'm off and running again till about 7:00. I completed most of my errands this morning and saw Aunt Bobbie too. She is such a kick. We play a children's version of concentration together. The cards have pictures. Anytime we turn a card over we have to say what it is. I have to help her quite often but that's alright. It's part of her therapy. It's actually quite fun with her. It helps to keep her mind active. I hope I'm as active as she is at 96. Anyway,she beat me. I wasn't paying enough attention to the game. I told her that she whooped me. She said and I quote,"Yeap! And proud of it!" It took everything I had in me to keep from busting out laughing. It was the way she said it that was so cute and made me want to laugh. I had to share that with you.
Not much else going on right now.

Have a Joshulous day all.


EDIT: I sure put my foot in my mouth with my title tonight. I left here at 4 and was stopped at a stop light when someone rear ended me and took off. I was shook and very upset. I got out and looked at my csr. it's scrapd up but that's about it. I hit the steering wheel. OH, the day gets better I finally arrived to pick Missy up annd took her to run her errands. She started to look for her phone. She couldn't find it. We went back to the clinic only to find that someone took her blacberry phone but left the sim card, memory chip and case. To make matters worse there wasn't insurance on it like there was supposed to be so a new phone at mom's expense 500 + dollars. Can the day get any worse? Well, now that I just arrived home i noticed that my neck and back are bothering me. Oh brother I can't stand car accidents. I've been in a few car accidents over the last 6 yrs and all of them have been rear end accidents. Thos one wasn't as bad as the last two though. So nw that I home I'm sitting here typing away and eating comfort food. MAC AND CHEESE. it's what I needed tonight.
Jr is bugging me for some. I'm not sharing tonight.

I'm going to finish eating prepare for my day tomorrow.


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