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FaceBook and more...

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on May 28, 2009 - 10:41pm

Well, I finally did it...I joined FaceBook! A couple of grobies wanted to add me as a Friend so I went ahead and joined. It's actually proving to be pretty beneficial. Most of the people I talk to here are already there so I get to talk to them more extensively.

And as far as Chess and Soundstage are concerned, it looks like I may have to wait to order them. I don't have the money right now and they are being released about the time when I may be leaving for my summer vacation. Thank goodness they're coming on PBS! At least I get to see them even if I can't buy them right now.

BTW, who plays computer games? Surprisingly enough, I discovered that The Hallmark Channel has some fun free games and you don't even have to register. (Game Show Network) has some fun ones as well. Some of them are free but you do have to register on the site to play them. Well, those are the highlights so I'll let you go. Big grobie hugs to you all, Roger

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