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Well, I made it...

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on May 29, 2009 - 6:42am

As my title indicates...I made it. Made it to what you might ask..well:

1. Today is my birthday, I am 53 years old and proud of it..especially when people tell me I don't look that old. In my younger days when I lived in Philadelphia I would go out with friends, be the oldest one in the group but the only one that got carded. Now I appreciate having that gene.
Josh claims he has a baby face..years done the road he won't look his age and will love it.

So far I have gotten more BD wishes from my book club buddies and my fellow grobies then I have from my "loving" family.

2. My son has finals next week, so I guess I made it through his freshman year of high school and all that comes with, rugby, girls, starting to "date", etc. If I have one brown hair on my head by the time he graduates college I'll be doing well.

Yesterday they went to Six Flags (most of the freshman class). He put on sunscreen but then rolled up the sleeves on his guess what!!He got a sunburn on the skin he didn't put sunscreen on because it was under his sleeve. He asked to stay home today and I said ..why is almost over and really like having him around.

3. It is a beautiful day today in North Texas..sunny, but not to warm. Maybe I will go up to the subdivision pool later (I can walk there in about 2 minutes) and test the water..who knows. I started this book last night and am already about half done, so I may just finish the book.

Hope everyone has a great weekend; of course, I will be at work at the hospital.

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