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almost time for PBS Fundraiser

mswizzzard's picture
on May 30, 2009 - 10:37am

Getting excited about the PBS fundraiser tomorrow. I just hope that Rachel won’t be too exhausted. She just moved a few days ago and has been running around like a chicken w/head cut off. What we won’t do for our beloved Josh. I wonder across the country how many others are volunteering at PBS because of Josh? If you are drop me a quick note. I am taping ours here in Baltimore because (have I mentioned) they are interviewing Rachel. Also when the new tour starts am looking for people to go to concerts with. I am not limited to Maryland I am willing to go just about anywhere in the US and maybe Europe this time around. Have been saving my pennies. Well that’s it for now my Grobie friends. May your higher power give you all that you ever need.
Namaste Jo

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