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last day of may

Nessa7's picture
on May 31, 2009 - 11:44pm

and it's hello to june!

I'm feeling a little less tired just now. Not good, because it's almost 12am and I'm gonna have to go to sleep.

I watched JG an Evening in NYC soundstage on PBS. It was such an incredible show! Josh pledging in between of the sets was great. Witty and freakin' adorable! He pouted and gave a puppy look begging for money. Sorry Josh, that doesn't work on my for one reason only. I have no money.

All I the DVD. Wonder when I'll get that? Also, the Chess DVD.

I'm not getting the Dance Aerobics class anymore. I needed to pay and I couldn't. The people at school said that it would take days before I get money for the summer, so I dropped the class. Yvonne and I decided to go back to church choir.
Rehearsals are Wednesday.

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