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With Josh...

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on June 2, 2009 - 2:18pm

A happy, sunny day here in Duluth. We are sitting at 63 degrees and of course a breeze. I am so glad I took today off, it was very productive.
I went out and found Tygen a swim shirt. What on earth for? His teacher decided to take the kids to Chub Lake on their last day of school. HELLO, it's only in the 60's and your telling the kids they can swim. First off I think she's getting herself in way too deep taking 30 kids to a lake. secondly the temps are still cold, thirdly, where are the brains here?? I will be so glad to see the whites of Tygen's eyes on Thursday afternoon knowing we made it through this horrific school year. I found him one at Kohl's and it was 50% off. Not too bad on the wallet i guess.
After shopping I came home and turned on Josh and got the cleaning done. Hey, even with him cleaning can be somewhat fun. I regained the livingroom, bathroom and kitchen. I haven't attempted the kids bedrooms yet, but that is next on my list.
I have a porketta in the crockpot for dinner and clothes on the line.
Josh definitely put me in the mood to get things done today, he even had me shedding a few tears as I placed grandpa's picture on the entertainment center along with some silk flowers and the Grandpa banner that was in his casket spray. It is amazing how some days you miss them so much and from out of the blue you just start crying. Other days you don't think much about it. On Sunday I caught myself talking to him like he was standing right there. Now all my answers have to come from the silly internet. Although I know he'd disagree with some of the answers I have gotten. I know he's looking down at me, sometimes shaking his head at the stupid things I do. I also know he's very proud.
Enough of the sad stuff. I am going to enjoy the clean livingroom and read some more of the garden catalog I got.

"when life throws you lemons... make lemonade"

I just caught a glimpse of Josh's PBS show on facebook. Now I really can't wait to get the DVD. You Are Loved is incredible and a little different at the same time. ;0)

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