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on June 2, 2009 - 9:41pm

The day started out as a beautiful hot day. It was 88 degrees here. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Today was also a very long day. My poor,dear,sweet,father fell today. He called me and asked me to take him to his Dr., that by the way looks like he could be 20. lol I went to see him and it took 40 minutes just for him to get out of his chair so he could get ready to go. It took him another two hours to get him out the door.

His Dr. thinks that he may have fractured the upper portion of his left foot. He had an x-ray and won't know the results till tomorrow.

I got him back in his condo and settled in for the night. I arrived home at 8:03 tonight. I'm so BEAT !!!!!!

Dad is losing his thought process which makes it difficult to remember much of anything right. He's still of sound enough mind that he REFUSES to live where he can be helped. My heart breaks for him. It's really hard to know how to help him when he doesn't want help except when HE wants it and on his terms.
It's a B@#*H being old (94).

I'm sorry I had to get that off my mind. Thank you for listening so to speak.

Have a Joshplendy night.


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