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on June 3, 2009 - 3:00pm

It's been such a fun couple weeks of celebrations! 17 graduation receptions over the last 2 weekends; my sister's birthday (Janel in the nursing home) yesterday - we "rocked the house" as Roger (cupid) said; and today I'm celebrating two very special friends' birthdays!

It's a beautiful spring day here. A CALM (I say that with GLEE cause it's been so darn windy here!) 70 degrees. The birds are singing up a storm out my office window. I just love it :)

My poor 15 year old, Austin, must have an allergy to the sun. He's soaking in his 3rd oatmeal bath since last night. OMJ...he's been beside himself with itching. At least he got through behind- the-wheel this morning!

This weekend Hannah and I get to see "Phantom" in the cities. We'll go from there to my niece's high school graduation reception (last one!) and then next weekend we head to South Dakota for another niece's wedding. Hannah sings 2 songs - it should be a blast.

Had a dream about Josh Monday night..... :) Details are my secret - JK :) lol

Hope everyone is having a great week. The pics of Josh on the homepage are gorgeous - I can't hardly wait to hear him live again.......must have patience - something I'm not very good at!

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