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on June 4, 2009 - 2:12pm

Okay, so after a couple of weeks of trying Ive finally got back on just. I keep getting a sparkart error. I'm guessing this is something to do with the design change of the website Josh mentioned previously. Anyway I wait in anticipation for what it's going to look like, and hope I'll be able to access the site when it's done.

Last week I took my cat to the vet as she wasn't very well. She had D & V, and I told them that I thought she had gastro enteritis.(not sure of the spelling) Anyway after x-rays, ultra sounds, a night at the vets and £774.00 later guess what diagnosis they gave me. Yep! you guessed it, gastro enteritis. Presumably I look like I'm loaded. My poor little cat basically had most of her fur shaved so they could do all these tests, scans etc, and has not forgiven me yet, five days later. Every time I go near her, she runs away and hides. Who can blame her! Anyway, I may have to pass the hat round to pay the credit card bill the vets bill went on. Oh well bang goes the holiday this year.

I don't know when of if I'll get back on again so take care everyone, I've missed you all.


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