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on June 4, 2009 - 4:39pm

Another beautiful 92 degree day in WA. OH,I could really get used to this. I'm getting my vitamin D as the dr. ordered. lol I love orders like those.

My sister called and asked if I could help her with their lawn mower. HUH? Oh yeah that's right she has only used a mower once. I went and showed her how to use their mower. I stayed while she mowed her yard. lol When she finished she said that it was a real workout. I remember those days. I used to mow my MIL's 3/4 of an acre yard then come home to mow our 8,000+ sq. ft. yard. Those were the days when I was slimmer too. lol

I'm home for a bit before heading back out in the traffic jungle to pick up Missy and then pick up her new phone. I can't wait for this fiasco to be over. Her phone was stolen from her desk at work last week. Another persons was stolen today, anyway I ordered another one. I waited for the delivery to come three days ago and it never did. It was explained that the address wasn't complete. WHAT? Her apt. number wasn't on there. I had to wait again for it to be delivered. I had to sign for it. I have to sign for cause it's so expensive. That's a Blackberry for ya. She received it and guess what? It was defective!! I had to mail it back to the Again I had to wait for the delivery today. It was supposed to come between 11-3. It didn't I called only to find out that once again they left the apt. number off the address. I was so upset and called to complain. I told them that if this is going to be habit of theirs then they are going to have to start paying my lost wages. Yeah, right like that will ever happen. We're going to pick it up instead of wasting my day waiting for the dumb thing. OK, I feel better now. I had to get that off my chest.

I'm starting to feel happy again. THANKS for listening to me b@*+^.

Have a Joshulous day or night where ever you may be.


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