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Sleepy, but happy

MJKC9397's picture
on June 4, 2009 - 11:09pm

Although I hesitate to say it "out loud", I think we're on the mend around here. I'm really hoping that I won't get what the rest of my crew has had, too.

We had 4 ballgames tonight. Riley had a double-header; Kara & Cassidy each had a game. I have a humorous story to tell about Riley concerning her games...

So, the past few games, I had noticed that Riley was hitting the ball really well, but only moderately running the bases. It was driving me crazy, because (and if you only knew Riley and how fast she's been since she ever started to walk!) she's so fast at full speed. So, the other night I tried to "mama-coach" her before we left and encouraged her to speed up her rounds around the bases. I didn't work. So today, as we were working on chores, I mentioned that the Jonas Brothers had a new cd coming out this month. She just replied, "Mmm Hmm" like she wasn't half paying attention to me. So, I muttered, "well, I'd guess a homerun would be worth a cd." She just laughed a little. I walked up to her second game (was at Cassidy's t-ball game during the first one) just in time to see her saunter up to the base, tap it twice with her bat, look at the pitch like she was going to eat it for dinner, and S M A C K the ball out into far left field! I was jumping up and down, cheering, laughing--watching her run like lightning--as she hit home plate. Then it dawned on me what was going on. Of course, I immediately started laughing hard & my in-laws were looking at me like I was crazy. I went to the dug out to give her a high-five, and said, "all for the Jo-
Bros?" She just grinned like it was just all in a day's work. Craig came out of the dugout a few minutes later (he's an assistant coach for her team) and told us that everything she had hit in either game never landed in the in-field--everything was hit to the out-field...he said all she told him was that "Mama had promised her something". LOL All I can say is that she's gonna have to find her own motivation from now on because I sure can't afford to keep that kind of incentive up! hahaha All I can say is that if someone offered me a new Josh cd if I hit a homerun, I'd sure try!

Sorry it took so long to spit (or type) that story out. I'll call it a night now. Hope it's a good one for everyone. :)

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