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josh new picture blog

Nessa7's picture
on June 4, 2009 - 11:44pm

is that the most adorable pup you've seen!?!?!?! i owner like dog. ::giggle::

i couldn't find the guitar player mag. with tariqh's article. no one had it. oh well.

i finally made arrangements for the housing during HB. the only thing, is how to get there and back. i still can't drive freeways and i'm not going to be comfortable driving them in just 2 weeks. ::sigh::

my cousin came over, because she ran away from her house. (she's the sister of the cousin who was poppin' pills). that family is falling apart. mostly to blame, is her mother. i don't want to get into details, but please pray for them. they really need it. that girl is too smart to be doing crappy stuff.

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