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on June 5, 2009 - 6:52am

Well, I think I might be sick. My chest is sore, I have had a sore throat and am coughing more than usual. Not too bad, so I may try work tomorrow. If it doesn't go well I'll stay home on Sunday. Trying to rest as much as I can, as well as get some things done around the house.

Loved the picture of Sweeney. I have a small dog that is half terrier and they sure can muster up the 'pitiful" look with their faces. I don't know about Sweeney but my dog loves digging in the dirt which is a terrier trait.

On the digging idea, my son and his friend have dug a large, deep hole in my backyard. They tell me it is a "good workout". For me it is deep enough, told them to put the dirt back and start another hole.

I am patiently waiting for Josh's PBS soundstage and Chess cd/dvd

It is my son's last day of school today..he will officially be a high school sophomore. Now if I can just get him to learn to's hard to believe a teenge boy is procrastinating driving.

Well, must be off to iron my work uniforms for the weekend. Thankfully, I am home alone today. My husband took the day off yesterday and it drove me crazy with him around.

Have a great weekend one and all...

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