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Full Moon

mswizzzard's picture
on June 6, 2009 - 10:23pm

I have become a twitter obsessed person. Especially with Lucia and Josh also on Tweeter. It makes them and the world seem so much more closek, Its really kewl. So if you don't get enough of me in the small blog here mswizzzard is on tweeter. I spent today helping a friend whose husband has told her he wants to leave her because she has issues with her health. It's so sad, but I have to give it up to the goddess and just be there to listen to her when she needs a friend. This has been a rough week for me as well trying not to dwell. My ex girlfriend/boyfriend Transgender person has attached spyware to my computer and sent letters out that look like they come from my computer and sending them to my doctors stating that I am a danger to society. I need to go the police on Monday and get a restraining order. Because she/he has guns in her apartment and is very unstable. I even spoke to people from her church who told me I need to protect myself from her they've had problems and had to change the locks of the church. How Creepy yeah. I also found a letter she sent me when we started to break up where she threatened my life, so I figure I have a good case for a restraining order to keep her from continuing to write to my friends and doctors.

Here is my protection spell
Hecate, Dark one hear my plea. Bring swift justice now I ask of thee, Right the wrongs that have been done avenge me now oh mighty one,
Turn misfortune back to those who caused my problems and my woes,
and heap upon them karmic debt lest they all too soon forget
Lest they all too soon foret, Their wrongfulactions words and deeds,
Don't let them get away sco-free
Bring them forth from where they hide
Bring swift justice ~ wield your scyth
Hasten, Dark one hear my plea do what it is I ask of thee.
Namaste JoDee

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