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on June 6, 2009 - 10:23pm

So, I did promise the guy at Best Buy I wouldn't use my computer in the bathtub. It's not in the bathtub. I am. HA! Oh well. They haven't kept their promises to me, either! (for example: lousy warranties...)

It's been a weird past 24 hours...I just don't even know where to begin. I'm going to try to hold it to a minimum.

Craig took off early yesterday to work in the yard in the beautiful weather. I did some of the ironing out on the deck in order to get in my sunshine & fresh air rations! Then last night, we went to the Relay for Life event here in Booneville. And that's where the weirdness began.

As we started walking through, one of the first cancer patients I ran into was an acquaintance of mine--who had offered me a job about 8 or 9 weeks ago. However a few weeks after I went in to talk with her, she was diagnosed with a form of non-hodgkins lymphoma...I don't know her exact age, but she pretty young and has 2 very young daughters. As we moved on to the next booth (the kids' elementary school Relay team), Riley's former ball coach came up & hugged since when did he care about her so much? Was it when he decided to stop calling her for practices last year when HER BEST FRIEND quit the team? I forget... He bugs me about stuff like that--yankin' the kids around. Grrr. We ran into a few people who just have been plain mean to everyone I know--except for me (what's up with THAT?) Of course, we were there with some close friends & enjoyed spending time with them & letting our kids run and play together. As we were leaving, we ran into the cousin of my friend who's son & nephew were killed in a car accident 2 weeks ago as well as the father of Riley's friend who is in remission from cancer. And as we're talking to them, just guess who walks up? The guy who was one of our closest friends before he beat his daughter & wife last October and landed himself in jail. DUH.

Okay, then today was apparently determined to follow suit. We were woke up with a phone call this morning saying Kara had a tournament ball an hour...HELLO? Wasn't I the contact person who was supposed to call everyone else? Apparently the coach lost MY number, but had everyone else's and called them yesterday afternoon! Oh--well, except for one of my best friends who I had to call since the coach "lost" her number, too. So, Craig took Kara while I prepared everyone else to get ready for Craig's family reunion...then I get a phone call. The coach has YELLED at my friend's 8-year-old girl, wagging her finger in her face & made her cry because she missed a catch!!! (Yes, the girl who had gotten up & ready & had breakfast only minutes before) When said coach was confronted, she argued with my friend, who in turn pulled her daugher from the game. Stupid coach. Craig said he found it interesting how the other coach wasn't scolded at all for sending a runner home & subsequently getting them an out...again...stupid coach.

So, then we get to the family reunion. Yes, a little late due to the ballpark drama, but not too bad. EVERYONE HAD ALREADY EATEN AND THEY WERE PACKING EVERYTHING UP!!! Really? Close family, I guess! :/

So, we relaxed at Craig's parents' house all evening, let the kids run & play...came home, watched a movie...held my sweet baby boy. At one point, I caught him just looking at me--yeah, for you moms, it was the "mommy-I-love-you-unconditionally-no-matter-what" looks. Yep. I melted. And then I cried. What a wonderful day! :)

So, although my blood pressure has surely been tested the past 24 hours, apparently I haven't gotten enough...tomorrow we're heading to my dad's. All the step-family will be there...including my step-sister who no matter what I say has some stupid smart-alec answer in reply. (for example: "the sky is blue" to which she may reply "apparently"). Wonder what it will take for Carson to look at me that way again tomorrow night???

(((Hugs))) to all of you! Goodness knows I'm gonna need some myself! LOL

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