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on June 6, 2009 - 11:04pm

i have to catch up on your journals. i'm on all day, but i'm always doing things for next semester, hollywood bowl, and around the house.

this morning, we found out where my cousing stayed. she is safe. she needs time away from her house and her mom. her mom and dad are going to talk about having her stay over with us for a while. poor girl. i love her and she was such a smart cookie.

the results for my reading placement test came in. I met the requirements for graduations!!!! whoo hoo!!! no boring reading classes for me!!

the singing went well today. i was so nervous, but i was told that you couldn't tell in my voice. that's good!
i don't know...i still want richard to be there. i found out today, that he comes home in september!! wow, richard and josh on oprah in september! ::giggle::

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