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joshie, kiss my booboo..

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on June 12, 2009 - 11:46pm


i smashed my 4 left fingers on the edge of the doorway, taking the laundry out. i have an ice pack on them, but they still hurt. not as bad as before. i couldn't even type at first. tragic.

i made dinner today. it was chicken baked in chipotle sauce and white rice with mixed veggies. I. AM. GOOD!
i know how to cook, but this was extra delicious! the meat was falling of the bones. i'm re-thinking my major.
good thing: someone else gets to wash the dishes.
bad thing: parentals want me to cook everyday now.

(saturday) there is a get-together. we'll be making some baskets to auction off at the m&g next week (next week!!!) and making the center pieces for the tables.
it's my first time driving that far. i'm taking the streets, but i'm a bit nervous because i've never been in orange, ca by myself. someone else is always driving.
i'm still scared of freeways. is that a sickness?

i'm off to fold my clean, dangerous laundry.

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