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membership renewals

MaryAwake's picture
on June 15, 2009 - 4:45pm

Whats all this about membership renewals, mine not up till January 2010, since i only joined in Jan this year? DO we have to renew now or what?
Well hannah's last exam is on tomorrow-chemistry!
"W" has his last exam on Wednesday - Economics!
Party on Wed night, so Shirley, wish me luck!!! you know what i mean!!!
Just sitting here on bed listening to Josh on iPod and writing my latest entry on journal, it just so peaceful!
Josh's music is filing my head and helping me to remain sane in this crazy world!!!
As some of you know my life has been a bit complicated recently and although it doesn't look set to change anytime soon, Josh is helping me to remain sane and I looking forward to feeling better about my life soon!
It's 1.40 am on Tuesday morning and i really should be alseep but don't want to turn off music, really need it tonight, might just go to sleep with it on and let Josh sooth me to sleep!! Yes definitely that is very good idea! So will try to sleep now with Josh in my head and "W" in my heart!
Hope everyone has Joshfilled dreams
Lots of Josh Hugs and Kisses
XX Mary

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