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i hate being a girl, once a month.

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on June 16, 2009 - 10:59pm

tiz all.

i went to city hall to get the yard sale permit. we are on for tomorrow.
hope i make some money.

wrote out my list for things that go in my luggage. geek. i feel like i'm forgetting something. i haven't packed yet.

The Grobes is rehearsing with the band right now (10:30pm) for the bowl!!


I'll be busy tomorrow with the yard sale, so that'll keep me from thinking about HB fun.

So, my mom got summond (sp?) because it's been 3 times where she hasn't called in when she gets the papers for jury duty. she has to go to court now and she's scared. do any of you know what can happen. she doesn't speak english, so that's why she doesn't care about jury duty.

we'll see what happens.

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