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Chess Tonight!

Cupid's picture
on June 17, 2009 - 5:59am

At least here in Bryan/College Station...KUHT (out of Houston) and the local Bryan stations are showing it. Unfortunately, I have an eye appointment today so my eyes may be blurred when it comes on. What are the chances of them both occurring on the same day? Anyway, it's being re-ran the next few days so I'll get another chance at seeing it. BTW, I found out that it is 145 minutes long so you may have to squeeze in the time to see it (or at least record it).

BTW, I managed to catch up on Josh's blog. Sometimes I'm too tired or busy to check it out at the time so I get behind. Anyway, I thought the fiddle playing guy from Norway was funny. And what about that adorable picture of Sweeney with his friends? The cute little dog in the left is laughing. I wonder if Sweeney told him a funny joke? lol! And it's fabulous to see Josh and Joshua Bell working together again.

Well, i need to run! Have a fabulous day! Roger

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