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on June 18, 2009 - 2:28pm

Well ladies, party over!!! Went really well, really really well. It didn't rain!!!!! Bit windy, but we survived that!!Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves (maybe that was just the alcohol)!!!
Finally recieved my free Chess Download! Took ages to download, not listened to it yet!! Tooo tired, need to be awake for that one!! Didn't get to bed till 3.30 this morning and then had cleaning up to do this morning!! Now am listening to Josh, couldn't do without that man for very long!
He in my blood, and everywhere else too!!!!
I think I can hear an early night with Josh calling me (I wish!!!!!
A girl can dream can't she!! Ha Ha.
Will let you all know how early night goes (no details you understand)!!!!

LOts of Josh Hugs and Kisses

XX Mary

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