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fun night

Nessa7's picture
on June 19, 2009 - 10:58am

the m&g was grrreat!! a packed house full of grobies!!! they had so many items to be auctioned of and i'm sure the the charity foundation raised a butt load of money!!!

i was so excited to meet all the grobies i talk to on the boards!! put faces to the board names

i had others screaming out for me!! i didn't know who the were!! but the know me. haha!!! i thought that was funny!!

i have to skip some things because i have a time on the hotels internet...

tariqh's show was amazing!!! as always. he was late because he was at rehearsals with josh and apparently some grobies went to see it. didn't know you could do that. oh well...i wanted to see the boys!!

i got some pictures, and i finally met lucia!!
SHE already knew me! what?!?!?!?!



gotta go! someone is waiting for the puter.

so proud of monkey!

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