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Thursday: HB M&G and Spoonful

Nessa7's picture
on June 20, 2009 - 11:46pm

He drenched me in his sweat!
I love her...for those who don't's kristin...tariqh'a wife.
and la loosh!

Thursday was such a fun day! We arrived at the m&g, got our name tags and went inside for dinner. It was SOO full!! A hall full of Grobanites! Crazy!! I did not know where to go. It was so much fun seeing my friends again, and finally getting to meet so many that I talked to here on the message boards. There somes (i feel bad saying this) that I did not know or recognized and they would come up to me and they knew me already. That tells me....I talk to much and I get around. We got a Josh chocolate bar...looks too delicious to eat! Chrissy was so sweet, and gave me a HB pin and bought me a poster. THANKS CHRISSY! LOVE YOU!! We had to keep telling her to sit on her hands because she just wanted to bid on everything. Especially come hither looking pillow cases. Yep. They stared right at me.
I don't know how much THE quilt went for, because we left a little early to catch Tariqh and the boys play. I was not one of the lucky one's who went to the rehearsals. I was told that they were closed. My day will come. Anyways, Tariqh was late! and Heather (craig's wife) sang a few songs. She's amazing. I finally bought her 2 cd's.
The boys....well....awesome as always. Tariqh, is just a big bear full of talent and sweetness. Love that man! The only one not there was Craig. Lucia even went to support them. Finally met her!!!! When I introduced myself, she opened her eyes so wide, I thought they would pop out! She already knew who I was. She was funny! The more wine, the better! She was at rehearsals that night because Josh was acting like a 5 year old and said to her, "I'm getting an award and you're not even going to be there?!?!?!" She had to fly to aspen.
Lucia also mentioned that Josh is very proud about An Evening in NYC. He's usually not so happy with performances that he does for tv, since he's so critical, but that he really loved soundstage.
Of course, Kristin was there for her man! She's just so sweet!! I was able to talk to her a bit more before I left. She told me that she kept looking at me and trying to get to me to talk, but others were wanting to talk to her. No problem...she almost made me cry though. We had been talking since the end of 2007 supporting each other over a loss and she just said the most loving words to me on thursday night. love her.



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