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Problems problems problems....

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on June 23, 2009 - 5:20pm

Well, I'm sorry to say that Life has been a total headache lately. I got in a big argument with my provider Sunday and today she tells me that she called the office to find out how long she's been working for me. Experience tells me that this isn't a good sign. Especially since I may be leaving town in July. I won't get into what she said Sunday but some things got revealed. In other words, I'm getting the sick feeling that she's planning on quitting. If she's still working for me when i get back i'm going to be very surprised.

On the flip side, I did give Carolyn (my previous provider) a call and told her she could come visit. She may owe me an apology but I've decided to forgive her. Since I have only one friend in town I need all the allies I can get.

On a positive spin, I did receive my Soundstage dvd. Unfortunately though, with all the stress I've been under and the errands I've had to run I haven't had the chance to watch it yet.

I'm sorry for all this complaining but I really needed to tell someone. Thanks guys for listening. Take care, Roger

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