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Well turn me upside down and paint me blue..I'm back

vijaykumar's picture
on June 23, 2009 - 7:46pm

I'm officially the worst Grobanite EVER. You guys, I feel so terrible for not keeping posted on here. But do not fear, my beloveds! I have made a return and will remain a member until I get kicked off...for being a terrible Grobie.

Nothing too exciting has been happening in my life. In August, I go onto my last semester at college. Then my official graduation ceremony is in May 2010. I worked for a radio station nearby (Huzzar, Cumulus!) for five months, then was let go as a result of the economy. Right now, I'm trying to get a part-time summer job at our local diner. As for boyfriends..nope. Haven't found that prince on his white horse just yet. But I'm keeping the faith - I hear that if you make yourself think that it will never happen..that's when it does. Why can't I convince myself of this, though? Sometimes it's hard for guys to accept that I'm quirky and have my own style. But I won't change for them! Must be myself even if it means imitating Chewbacca the wookie..not that I do that in front of guys. I don't. Only in front of family because I know it creeps them out. *insert evil laugh*

I saw Josh's blog the other night, finally updating myself. Funny that he posted a Grin And Bear It comic, as that has been one of my favorite comic strips for so long. Ya got good taste, Josh!

You know something, I'm having serious regrets about my username having Mrs Groban in it. Poor Josh will think I'm a psycho freak. But alas! We met three times and I did not ask to touch his wonderful hair. Not once, I tell you.

Good to be back, my friends! Leave some love. :)

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