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on June 25, 2009 - 1:12pm

Hi Girls!!
It's been a a while since I've written in Journal. Things have been a bit weird here, so haven't really been bothered about journal lately! Have still been reading everyone else's journals though and I have to say to Nessa "You are one very lucky young lady" and thanks for posting all those lovely pictures.You a star!!
Josh is such a humble man, dont think he even realises the things he does for people all over the world, not only his fans but ordinary people who are looking for someone to help them, and through his music and his charity work he gives so much more that even he could hope to know!! I believe he really does'nt think he deserves all the acolades and praise and thanks that he gets, but believe me Josh honey, you deserve everything!!!
Well girls, my life is a blast right now...NOT!!! Things have gone from bad to worse for me (as some of you already know), but with time I know that Josh will see me through as he always does!!
Weather here is still really beautiful (fingers crossed) after all we are in Ireland!!
Garden still looks great, glad i put so much effort into it last week (for party)!!! Back hurt, fingernails have gone and knees were filthy, but it was all worth it.
I hope everyone's weekend will be brilliant, and that you all listen to lots of Josh (lots and lots), I will. Need him so much right now!!!!
Just 4 weeks to go now till Graduation Party for my daughter, more hard work, but it will be worth it. W will be there and that will be lot of effort on it's own (Shirley and Maureen know exactly what i mean)!!!! Still I really looking forward to it. Both my daughter and W will look stunning!! If i figure out how to post pic on here, i promise I will!!!
Well girls, going to listen to and watch more Josh, lots more Josh!!
Have a great evening and remember Josh is the man!!!
Lots of Josh hugs and Kisses

XX Mary

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