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what a loss

Nessa7's picture
on June 26, 2009 - 12:24am

michael jackson was an icon. whatever the rumors, or 'bad' things he did or did not do...the man was incredibly gifted and played a part in most of our lifes.

he did mine, growing up. it's been a really sad day. may he rest in peace and thoughts are with his children, family and friends.

in a happier note...

I get a scarf that helps a charity, a lapel pin, and a picture of HRH.
I had fun answering questions!

Also, I'm not gonna hear from TJ's just yet, but I have 2 days of work next week. I get to help my Mom clean out a house that her boss is going to sell. It's actually just packing all the stuff the previous owners left.

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