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on June 29, 2009 - 12:42am

i have an ouchie. josh, you know the drill.

i woke up this morning with pain in my mouth! my bottom, left wisdom tooth was ripping my gums, trying to make it's debut. it made my whole left side hurt up to my ear. i put on some baby teething gel and i started slobbering. attractive. obviously, that doesn't last long, so it started hurting again. my SIL gave me 2 of her pain killers that her dentist gave her. they worked. like a charm. sweeeet!
and we were on our way to China Town!!

we bought some fireworks for this saturday. we will be going to Palmdale to visit our cousins, who we have not visited for over 2 years.

while we were at china town, i saw turtles that they were selling. 2 baby turtles for $6. I WAAAANT!!!!!!!
oh man!! i wanted them sooo bad!! yeah...i don't even have $6. that's how bad it is.

i had one for 7 years, and it died. it grew as big as my fist and i had it when it was smaller than my pinky.

i told my mom and she (and everyone else) asked why i didn't buy them.
ummm...does NO ONE understand me when i say I HAVE NO MONEY?!

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