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Watch out world, here we come!

vijaykumar's picture
on June 29, 2009 - 5:32pm

OK, so I am super pumped up right now. I wish it was MARCH! Cruise is planned just awaiting confirmation from the travel agent.
Not too bad of a day for a first day at work after being on vacation. Usually it turns into hell, but the Dr. I work for was gone so that just left me and the PA, which was great and the way it is supposed to be. Can't wait until it is that way again.
So over the weekend Dr. Bonner (go ahead I know what you are going to call him. tee hee) did a triathalon and he qualified for the IRONMAN in Hawaii. I am sure he'll be going to that too. this guy is a nut! More like a tree hugger, but who cares he was gone today, but back tomorrow.
There is just a miriad of things I want to write and I am so scattered with excitement.
If anyone knows or has any boys around the age of 10 or a girl around the age of 8,, my kids are looking for real penpals. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you. Must have gotten the idea at the community center today, but they want to actually write and mail letters.
I am thinking life is good today. Everyone has me in a good mood. That is until the 7am meeting tomorrow. More cuts are coming and now with all the cutbacks with healthcare who knows what is going to happen.
Tomorrow I am going to the eye Dr, to get fitted for contacts again. I am really hoping there is a new product out there that will work for me this time. I wore contacts for years and then when I got pregnant with my son I was unable to wear them any more and haven't found anything comfortable yet. I haven't tried in about 3 years now so this should be interesting. I was going to have lens replacement surgery until I got the cost, a big ole $8,000 per eye. YIKES. Lasix so far is out, but hoping they change the Rx limits so I can be a candidate.
Best go and enjoy what is left of the evening. Hope you are all having a happy go lucky day

AFTER THOUGHT: Does anyone else find twitter an absolute chaotic mess?

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