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LONG......... BUT GREAT DAY!!!

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on June 29, 2009 - 7:55pm

It actually felt good to get up and out of the house. Who said that? Oh! It was me! lol I can't believe that I said that but after being down for about a week and being intimate with JOHN(toilet)it really did feel good. I visited Aunt Bobbie and she just glowed when I walked in and saw her. She's so sweet. I left her and went on to dad's to see how he was doing. He's been pretty much on his own for about 2 weeks.My sis and I take turns cleaning his place. My sis was gone for 2 weeks and forgot to tell me and well you know the rest as far as I'm concerned. He was very happy to see me. He looked tired though. He told me that he lost his car keys,coffee mug that holds a quart of coffee and his application for transportation assistance. We visited for about an hour then he decided to lay down for a rest. That was very good for me. I found everything but his mug and I think he left it on top of his car and drove off.I was able to get his laundry finished, go through his mail which in itself is a huge chore and clean up his kitchen. That took abut 6 hours. To give you an idea his mail covered his dining table, all 4 chairs, his end table, couch, rocking chair and desk. That's just from two weeks. I have to go through it fast so that I can get rid a lot of it. He loves buying pills to that are for reversing the aging process and for curing different ailments. They don't work of course. MISSION Accomplished!! WHOOO HOOO!!

I got home and startd cleaning our place. It totally amazes me how dirty this place gets in just one week.

I feel GREAT!! I actually accomplished a lot but now I'm dog tired. lol

Have a Joshful night all.

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