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FOJG renewals

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on June 29, 2009 - 10:07pm


Hello FOJG Members!

We are excited to announce the start of year 6 of Friends of Josh Groban is just around the corner! For year 6, we have some exciting changes to announce. First, there will be 3 new welcome packages to choose from when you renew your membership:

Green Tier $64.99
* Exclusive FOJG Soundstage EP*
* A Collection 11x17 Lithograph
* 100% organic recycled JG logo t-shirt
* Recyclable, collapsible JG logo shopping bag
* 5 x 7 recycled JG logo Journal with pen
* Year 6 FOJG patch

Music Tier $49.99
* Exclusive FOJG Soundstage EP*
* A Collection 11x17 Lithograph
* Year 6 FOJG patch

Fan's Choice $29.99
* $10 official Josh Groban store gift card
* Year 6 FOJG patch

*The Soundstage EP is an exclusive music piece that has been made especially for Friends of Josh Groban members. It includes these songs from Josh¹s PBS Soundstage performance:

01 You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
02 February Song
03 Machine (with Herbie Hancock)

Second, we will be launching a brand new FOJG site that will live within the new This means that when visiting the fanclub, you will only need to access & login with your current username and password. The new FOJG portion of the site will host exciting features such as a gallery of fan photos where you can upload your own photos, a personal blog, a tour archive, exclusive contests, and an all new FOJG forum! As always, members will receive a 10% year round discount on all merchandise in the Josh Groban online store. Rather than having a separate fanclub store, you will receive an exclusive 10% off code that you will be able to use every time you shop in the official store.

Lastly, we are doing our best to migrate all photos, videos, and other content from the current site to the new one. However, just to be safe, if you have any message board posts, profile information, or other content that you have posted to that means a lot to you, be sure to save it to your computer. We would not want for you to lose any of this information!

Please be aware that when you login into the new, that there will be a prompt for you to provide your feedback about the new site. We look forward to seeing you in the new club! If you have any other questions about the fan club, please contact


Please note that current memberships will expire August 1, 2009.

Payment info: Credit cards only accepted at Please do not send checks directly to the studio fan mail or Warner Bros. Records offices.

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