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On a sad note...

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on November 9, 2009 - 7:12pm

Recap (prior to old site being "closed" for revamping):

- My dad was diagnosed as having "terminal" Cancer not long
before the old FOJG site was "closed" for revamping...
Throat and Lung Cancer(s) -- He was also a 2x Tongue & 5x
Skin Cancer survivor.

For those following my journals from the old FOJG site:

- On Thursday, 10/30 my dad went into the hospital early in
the morning to have a feeding tube re-installed. As he was
going under, his body started to shut down; acting quickly
the doctor(s) revived him -- however, they were not able to
install the feeding tube. Due to circumstances, he was
admitted to the hospital overnight.

- Friday, 10/31 the decision was made that Hospice care was
essential and granting my dad's wish, he was sent home to
receive home Hospice. The Hospice nurse was telling the
family she figured 4-6 mo was his (my dad's) life

- Saturday/Sunday everything seemed okay... As good as it was
going to get for someone in Hospice. Visiting w/ my dad; we
talked about the upcoming holidays, joked around, etc. At
the time, he could no longer eat as swallowing had become
difficult. He was living off Ensure.

- 11/3: Early Tuesday morning, he passed after 5 long years
of pain and suffering.

- The funeral service was 11/6 -- It was a time to celebrate
his life and what once was (the good times)... A time for
stories; a time for memories.

A chapter of my life has ended as a new one begins. Family is now more important than ever as we continue on as my dad would
have wanted us to.

It's a weird feeling walking into my mom's condo... I keep
expecting my dad to be there sitting in the living room
waiting to greet me & invite me for lunch (or dinner)... To
crack a joke and/or offer parental advice after saying "It
could only happen to you".

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