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New Beginnings!

JustJoshing's picture
on November 11, 2009 - 5:41pm

Could it be coincidental that Josh's new website has arrived when my life has too been updated? It's interesting to read my journals of over a year ago. As of July, my husband and I have separated and I am amazed at how happy I feel. I was hanging in there for my childrens' sakes only to discover that they picked up on all of the distance and unhappiness. I wasn't doing them any favors at all.

It's a strange new world to be in at times. Hard to believe I was brave enough to make such a major change. I never believed in divorce. Never believed I'd be one to make that choice, but I couldn't take another day of living life feeling anger, dread, resentment. On the bright side, I am gifted with two amazing daughters, and so every decision must be made with them foremost in mind. Thankfully my ex and I have been very amicable and civil. Hopefully our situation remains that way.

I'm very excited to be here at the start of something new on FOJG and hope to rekindle some lost connections.

Grobie hugs,

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