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kittycat's picture
on November 12, 2009 - 4:34pm

My boss has been a total jackass I requested off 2 days for this weekend and next weekend because I am going away and he only gave me 1 day to work and it is only 4 hours!!!! He gave people below me more hours and it really has me upset maybe one week I could say yeah maybe but two weeks in a row? I know he does not like me but I am a very hard worker and have done my job for eighteen years, I work as a pharmacy clerk and with the flu and swine flu we have been really really busy. I am torn to call my union and tell them how he is treating me or should I just stand up for myself and tell him how I feel? I really do not like him and he makes me feel nervous when I am around him. I have been so angry and I have cried tonight thinking my boss wants to get rid of me.Anyway just wanted to vent.

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