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on November 17, 2009 - 11:45am

Hello All..

Well it now only 4 more days till Hannah's surprise 18th party and I have to say my nerves are frazzled..trying to get all this stuff organised without her finding out..invitations(thanks to friend), cake, music, pics and then the hassle of getting her there without her finding out it actually her birthday party, which she thinks is the following week at home in house!!!!!!!!
She is organising that one and I am organising REAL one behind her back. The friend who is doing invitations for REAL party is telling everyone to ignore the one for "houseparty"..Its all so complicated..someone please tell my why I am doing this again???? And I still have to do all the food.....collect cake, set up party room and do decorations, collect baloons..and a million other things!!!!
Ok, maybe it's time for some relaxing Josh, just to calm my nerves, you understand...
I have to say that without the help of a couple of her very best friends, this would not be happening at all!!!
K! Will let u all know how it went next week..fingers crossed please!!!!

Your friend
Mary XX

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