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One of those days

vijaykumar's picture
on November 17, 2009 - 8:24pm

Well just when you think you can't let this have your day be ruined the hits just keep on coming.
Today Chris(My brothers Friend who practically lives with us) locked his keys in his truck today so mom after just having surgery two weeks ago goes and tries to help him get them out. She calls basically everyone we know and then calls a locksmith but it was $40 bucks! ugh so we looked around and found a piece of metal that was like a slim jim(not the beef jerkey lol)
so in the end in the cold weather chris and mom got them out.
Then, grandmaw calls and breaks our hearts.
She has these two cats well 'had' these two cats that me and my brother grew up with as kids.
Nalah - The beautiful black and grey cat who thought nana was it's mother. So sweet. I loved her. Jon had found her when she was just a baby kitten on the side of the road when he was 5 or 4. At the time nana didn't have any animals at the time and since both of my parents are allergic and couldn't keep it at our house she volunteered.
Peaches-The fatest and lazyest cat. Gorgeous orange and white cat. One day I remember the day Nana and Jon brought her home from the pound. Seems just like yesterday. Amazing because I was 7 at the time. I believe. So both cats pretty much grew up as sisters. We loved them dearly.
So nana told us today that she let the cats outside (IN THE COLD) and peaches she doesn't know where she went but she took nalah to the pound. Nahah was Jons cat! We both cried. She could've have told us! We could've found a place for them. It's like giving up a piece of your childhood go. Me and Jon both cried. & he never cried. It broke my heart in two. After she had told us we had to go and take my other grandma(mamaw) to the hospitable. (Jon had to go to school, he's in college) And so here are me and mom keep thinking about and we're crying in the office. mostly me. People are looking at me so strange. But I didn't care.
Things got a little worse that day but mom bought Demi Lovato's CD so that was the highlight of my day.
I can only hope tommorow's better.

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