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on November 18, 2009 - 5:15am

And I wish I could say what I'm thinking ... anyway ... I have the day off because I have to take my son, DIL, and granddaughter to the doctor to see if she will be diagnosed with Autism or not. I guess she has some of the characteristics but we'll leave the diagnosing to the professionals.

I got to write a page or two after I got home from work last night so that makes me happy. I'm excited to see Thanksgiving coming ... it's my favorite Holiday -- not even July 4th holds this much meaning. Yay.

So I'm going to complain here and if you don't want to listen then turn away ... So where are all these pics of hotstuff that he taunted us with on Twitter? New website, yes (better? the jury is still out on that one) new pics for said website? ::looks around:: nope, not seeing any ... all the ones up here are the ones from the Collection shoot which oddly enough is NOT being sold on this website so people in North America STILL aren't able to buy unless they buy it from overseas. ::scratches head:: Not sure I understand it but ... So anyway ... done complaining.

After today only two more days left of this week! ::waves flag:: yay!

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