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As I sit here

vijaykumar's picture
on November 18, 2009 - 10:16pm

As I sit in my bedroom, I peer over at the clock. It is almost six o'clock. In a half hour, I have my piano lesson. I look to my right, I see my piano, glistening in the light of my ceiling fan. How the white porcelain keys glisten in the light. I look up at my sheet music.....Jingle Bells??

Where is Remember When It Rained?!

I search high and low. Under the piano. Not there. Under my bed. Nope. In the closet. No. In my car. Nah. In my backpack. Negatory. In the mailbox...Negative.

Fifteen minutes have passed. The bright orange Closer songbook of Josh Groban is no where to be seen.

I walk out to the kitchen, mildly frustrated and confused. I open the refrigerator, pour myself a glass of delicious guava juice. Sitting down at the counter, I finsih taking a sip, and look down in dismay. I take another sip. Wait. Another sip. Another sip, And another. And another....

All the guava juice is gone, but I have found my Closer songbook.

While I was drinking my refreshing cup of guava juice, I gandered down the glass, and saw a glimpse of orange. With each sip, I began to see more and more orange. Then once I finished my glass of guava juice, I set the glass down besides me. The Closer Songbook of Joshua Winslow Groban was right in front of me on the kitchen counter.

The time is 6:30 PM.......time for my lesson


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