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goin' old school

lindyjean's picture
on November 19, 2009 - 8:57pm

i bought the vinyl edition of, "Awake" from the FOJG store....i'm old enough to remember when records were actually for listening to, not scratching back and forth on. i don't have a record player, but, i bought the album. i figure it's a novelty....not as funny as the drink helmet they offered, but still different from a tee shirt or mug. i probably won't even open it---so i hope there aren't some awesome new pix on the inside that i will not see.

so josh made the sexy list.....who among us is surprised? surprised that People finally got it right, perhaps, but not at all surprised to see him on the list. they picked a good shot of him this time, too....not like that fluffy-looking photo they had before, which i thought looked incredibly, even uncomfortably, effeminate (sorry, those of you who liked it). not that josh has to dress in black with heavy boots all the time, either; honestly, i like him best in his tee shirts, sneakers and hoodies. i tried to find the magazine this afternoon, but my costco and local market still had up last week's issue. i'll get a few copies tomorrow. glad johnny depp is the winner--if it had been that sourpuss robert pattinson, i'd have had just one more reason to despise the whole vampire lovefest that's infected our society lately....except for, "True Blood"....i love that show...not cuz vampires are so sexy (to me, they're not-they're brooding, negative, self-possessed and trying to be too hip for the room) but because some of the best lines from TV come from the mouths of Jason Stackhouse, Lafayette, Andy Bellefleur, and the other crazy, very human citizens of Bons Temps, Louisiana.

okay, i'm rambling...sorry....

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