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on November 26, 2009 - 12:17pm

What a week.

Tuesday- I was to attend rehearsals for the Thanksgiving service, but didn't because I was invited, by my cousins, to a KISS concert. First, the rehearsals were scheduled for MONDAY and then they go and change it...not my fault. Anyways...the concert was so farkin' awesome!! We had such great seats!! Amazing. The drummer and the main guitarist are just pure talent. It gave me musical orgasms. Yes. That is a real thing. This is one of the pictures that I took...

I heart Star Child.

Wednesday- The day of my ECE counselor appointment. She help me figure out the rest of the classes that I need and after writing them all down, I came to realization that, I GRADUATE IN A YEAR!! *gasp* I honestly thought I had AT THE LEAST 2 more years. After the next semester, in May, I get my certificate and then when I graduate, I get my AA in ECE. It was such a relief and it literally felt like a bunch of stress that I've had for so long had disappear. I had such a grin on my face and the counselor laugh.

Of course, when I came home, I was excited and started to tell my parents. Boy. They couldn't have been less interested. My Mom just said, "Oh." And my Dad, "Are those the only classes? You don't have to stop their. Can you take more classes? Do more? You can do that. Take more."



TODAY.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I'm wishing EVERYONE a wonderful day!
I sang this morning at the bilingual Thanksgiving service at church. I made the mistake of NOT drinking warm tea before rehearsing. Idiot. My throat is raw and hurts a bit. What was I thinking?! It's early morning and I just sing...even without warming up. Again...Idiot!

I'm doing homework at the moment (well...I'll get back to it in a bit) and we are to have family over for dinner. My Niece and Nephew won't be here...Karen decided to keep them today. I'm really going to miss them. Also, one of our cousins is 11 months pregnant and on Tuesday she was taken to the hospital because of pain. Not labor pain...they don't know what's wrong with her. Her stomach hurts and I think that day, the baby stopped moving. Please, send prayers for her.

Stay safe. Enjoy your day.


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