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The journey will continue...

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on December 1, 2009 - 10:12pm

During the summer, I stared exercising and had succeeded at losing a few centimeters of the fat the covers me. All of that went down the drain, once the Fall semester started, back in August. I'm closer to graduating college and I'm still involved with the church choir. With all the drama and problems around me, all of that adds up to me, being extremely busy. So, I haven't exercised since. Two more weeks of regular classes, and one week of finals and then the exercising schedule is dusted off and comes in to play, one again.

My reason for weight loss...

1. Health. My Family does have a history of diabetes and all that good stuff.

2. To look sexy at my Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary, next year. Where my Mom has requested that I play Lucia Micarelli's version of To Love You More.

3. To make 'Piano Man' extremely jealous. Trust me. He deserves it.

4. For me, to feel comfortable, running after 10 2-4 year olds in pre-school.

5. *private reason*

6. ...I forgot. But there is another.

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