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Hannah's Party & Birthday!!!

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on November 24, 2009 - 1:51am

Hey Everyone!!!!

It's been 3 days now since Hannah's Surprise 18th Birthday Party!!!
Today Tuesday November 24th is offically her 18th Birthday, she was born on the same day that Freddie Mercury (Rock band Queen died), so today is the 18th Anniversary of his death!!!
The Party was resounding success, everyone turned up (about 80) and everyne said they had a marvellous time. I did all the food myself, huge salad buffett, and needless to say that with such a large teenage attendance there wasnt much left..her friends sure know how to eat, but then I guess all teenagers are the same....bottomless pits!!! We had *Pinata* (sp) and because we couldnt get it to hang from ceiling, her best friend Wayne, volunteered to stand on stool and hold it out for everyone to bash..regretful decision on his part I think, poor guy got such a bashing, but he said it worth it to c Hannah's face when she finally cracked it and all the silly little goodies spewed out all over the and Wayne had filled it earlier in the day with such silly stuff...bubbles, little key rings, miniature Christmas Crackers with hats and jokes inside, tiny little cars and trucks and lots of lollipops and sweeties (candy)...just silly stuff, but they all loved it (bearing in mind they are all 17/18/19 years old)!!! Then we had the blowing out of candles, the 18 Birthday Kisses (tradition in Ireland), dont know if u have that in US..Birthday Girl/Boy sits on chair and all their friends line up to give them 18 kisses, usually saving the last kiss for bf/gf..but as Hannah does not have bf, Wayne asked me if he could give her the 18th kiss..he her very best of course I said yes!!! He made really big production of it, slowly walking up to her before taking her in his arms and kissing her and pulling her into big bear hug...Loud cheers went up from all their friends..then we had cutting of the Cake and Hannah's speech!!! Then there was dancing into the wee small hours..All in all I think it was a perfect night, after all the months of secret planning, secret e-mails and text messages between me and her friends, esp Wayne who did all the invitations and lots of the planning, without him it would not have happened, well it might have happened, but there would have been none of their friends there without invitations!!!! May have pics later, if I can figure out how to post them on here!!!! That may take a while, not very clued in on how to do that yet but I am learning, little by little!!! Ha Ha
So as tonight is her *official* birthday, we are going out to dinner at lovely restaurant and bringing another Birthday Cake, just family this time..really looking forward to it!! Cant believe that she is 18, the years have just flown by, in fact this last year esp, some of u may remember that this time last year I was in hospital with pneumonia and I missed her 17th Birthday in my house, which again was planned by me with Waynes help!!!Poor boy always gets stuck with keeping the secrets, but thankfully he is good at keeping secrets, as some of u already know, who have been through the *Oxygen* concert ticket saga with me earlier this year..yet another surprise!!! As u may have gathered I quite like surprises, well at least I like surprising others!!! So what else has been happening in my life.....well my brother and SIL have split up after being together 24 years (15 married), it a very difficult time for him and his kids (boy 18, month before Hannah, and girl 11) and for all the family, trying not to take sides, cos it was six of one and half dozen of the other (in other words, it was both their faults) one really to blame...just one of those things, but things getting messy now with the house and the cars and the financial side of things, they both in counselling (therapy), but it will be long haul, and right now , I have so much to deal with in my own life, dont know if I am up to supporting either of them!!!
Ok!! enough of my mundane life and problems, tonight is going to be really good, cos family have not given Hannah presents yet, friends did at party, but we decided to keep them for her actual birthday!!!!
Will post again when I have mastered the art of *pic posting* and will tell you all how dinner went...
I will leave u with this thought (completely unrelated)! Friend of mine said this to me one night last week, when I need someone to talk to "If God had intended us to talk instead of listen, he would have given us 2 mouths instead of 2 ears and 1 mouth"

Lots of Josh hugs and kisses

Your friend in Josh

XX Mary

Pic is Hannah and her friends at party....Nicole, Wayne, Annmarie, Hannah and Sean!!!

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