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The Cats will protect me, right?

BethanyHenderson's picture
on December 7, 2009 - 9:32pm

I'm house-sitting again! I was looking forward to being here. It's like a mini vacation to get away from my house for a while. This time I'll only be here 5 days, and then I'm going to Spoakane to see my brother. I'd like to be asleep right now, and I should be. This morning they called to tell me they were leaving and that one of the cats had brought a small rat, a live rat, into the house last night and they were unable to catch it. So, how am I supposed to sleep with the possibility of a live rat in the house?! Stupid cat doors! They said it is most likely in the laundry room, so I've closed that door and set a trap for the it.

I haven't been home for a few hours though, so it may have been killed, or it also might be in a different part of the house. What if I go to sleep and it comes out of hiding and crawls on me!!!!!! I said I was going to be brave and take care of it myself, but I don't know if I'll be able to. It's gross to think it may still be alive, but just as gross to think that if it is killed by the trap or the cats I'm going to have to dispose of it. I can deal with little mice, but a rat, I don't know!!! So one good thing is the cats are inside with me and I just hope they'll be good and if it does come out at night and it's in the bedroom they'll catch it and kill it! If only I could get them to carry it outside once it's dead! ugh, this is the second time they've brought in a rat, and last time I had to get my brother to come over. He has no problems with dead rats. This is really ruining the house-sitting experience for me I must say.

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