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I'm feeling Christmassy

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on December 11, 2009 - 6:42am

I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit so far this year, but yesterday as I was nursing my early morning cup of coffee, I thought I'd play Noel and it really got me in the Christmas mood. I made my Christmas pudding, and while that was steaming away for 8 hours I thought I'd go shopping for Christmas presents.

I hadn't bought even one so far, and with Christmas only a couple of weeks away I thought I'd better make the effort. I got everything that everyone wanted plus a few little surprises for some people. I got all but a few things that I needed and came home ladened down like an old cart horse, but it was worth it.

After I'd been home a while I logged onto here, and saw the pictures from Josh's 'Toys for Tots drive, and it sort of inspired me a little. So I was searching around on the net for some charity that I thought I could help with a little donation and I found Redwings horse sanctuary. I have now adopted a little piebald pony called Wensley, and gave a little extra donation for some carrots for his Christmas dinner. If you want to you can check out Wensley and some of his friends at . I've decided I'm going to pick a different charity like this every year to make a donation to.

My Christmas pudding turned out fine, it's now in the cupboard waiting for Christmas day and I made my Christmas cake this morning that's in the oven now. I think I'll rest a little today, maybe write out the rest of my cards.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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