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For real

vijaykumar's picture
on January 11, 2010 - 7:45pm

I've neglected this site so far this year. Maybe I too am getting bored and am so ready for Josh to give us something new.
Reality has hit. I purchased the home last Monday and spent the better part of my off time moving things in.
I love it here in my manufactured home. It's roomy and homey all at the same time. It has been an adventure. I spent Saturday painting the kitchen so I wouldn't have to move things around once it was all in. I have most of the big stuff in, but after I saw what the ex did to the top of my table my grandpa made I told him not to move the grandfather clock. Honestly, I was in tears when he took it out of the back of the truck. This table is 3 inch solid oak, picnic style with benches. The last piece grandpa had redone for me. Nic put it upside down with nothing to protect the table top. When I saw the GASH out of it I lost it. I'm not sure a sander can take it out plus I don't know what color stain he had used on it so the benches will need to be done as well.
Kids are adjusting well to the new place. They are loving the new friends and surroundings.
I have to laugh as word travels really fast. I'm not bragging here, but I've been asked out on 3 dates already. Divorce isn't even final. I did go on a long weekend for NYE with one and it was the best NYE I've ever had. I just need to let time settle and let me know what I need and/or want. It's hard when you have been in a loveless marriage for over a decade and let the love die years ago. Oh well. not pushing any issues with that one.
Well, another work day tomorrow. Hope you all had a great new year.

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