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Winner Will be Announced in April

Queen4JGro's picture
on January 20, 2010 - 7:18pm

Let the fool's ride on in!!! It should not be a shock to the natives of my part of the world that in the winter it gets cold enough for the lake to start to freeze over by the beginning or middle of January. The ore boats go through the channel until the first of January. This makes the ice unsafe for vehicles. Another interesting piece is that there is a strong current toward the last part of the channel by the coal dock that either never freezes or is only covered with a thin layer of ice. Natives of this area know it is never safe to #1: Swim or #2: Go on the ice in that area. My husband is one of the firemen who have to be trained every year for ice rescues.

So far this week, and it is only Wednesday, on Monday, a man, born and raised here, was on his 4-wheeler in the evening (it is dark here at 6P) near the channel by the ore dock. You got it! He went through the ice. He crawled up to shore and continued on until he reached the Public Works garage which is about 4 blocks away in 20 degree weather. He stayed there all night until one of the employees got to work around 7 a.m. and saw him laying on the ground. He is in intensive care. On Tuesday evening, a 43-year-old man born and raised here, was in his truck with his very young twin daughters 'joyriding' out on the ice. To quote our newspaper, "They came across a rough looking stress crack and continued deeper where the front of his truck smashed through the ice. The cab sunk and was completely submerged. All three people were able to escape the water filled cab through the rear window. The pickup truck is still mostly submerged in about 10 feet of water. Anyone seeing the truck should stay away as the ice in the area is unpredictable. Alcohol consumption on the part of the driver is believed to be a factor." Father of the year-not.

Talk about two men who should never reproduce!

As I said earlier, it is just the beginning. I think I will take out my binoculars and look for the truck sticking out of the ice!

Time for bed...... Goodnight,


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