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on February 25, 2010 - 3:13am

Thanks Josh for putting up this video blog. It’s really encouraging to see children being given the freedom to be themselves.

Freedom is what I’m seeking right now. My sisters and I are literally running away from an abusive situation at home. We’re old enough to leave. My mother has kept my twin sister and I trapped for four years. She’s been severely abusive to all my siblings. She did this in the name of God. That’s why I trusted her. I do believe in God and His love. It’s real. That’s why I am still alive today.

One thing my mother constantly told me was that I could never ask for help from anyone. I only ask for you guys to pray for me. We have reached out to the people who we trust and they are helping us escape. We have a place to run to. We’re traveling from Chicago to the west coast over the next few days with my dog. I know God is helping and protecting us.

I want to say thanks to Josh and his fans. You helped me to realize that there was something wrong with the situation I was in because I wasn’t allowed to live. Jesus offers abundant life. I was in prison. A hell of my mother’s making. I want to say thanks to you all and God Bless You.

I’m finally free


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