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Sweet Sixteen! (A Crazy Thing Called Love)

vijaykumar's picture
on March 17, 2010 - 1:04pm

It was a Saturday, March the 6th at 7 pm I had my
1940's Sweet Sixteen (inspired by 'The Notebook' & I love history)
There I was dressed in a navy blue shirt and blue and white striped skirt with pockets.
My hair was pulled back and I had my pillbox hat on.
The light were dim and the music played a slow song. ('Realize By Colbie Calliet- We took a break from Big Band)
There the guy of my dreams, (Matt)
asked me to dance with him.
I accepted his invitation to dance
and as we swayed the ball room floor
he whispered quietly in my ear.
"I like you"
and I admitted I did as well.
He then kissed me on the check and the butterflies went crazy in my tummy.
I put my head gently on his shoulder and in the middle of the floor, with all my friends and family watching, they were all a witness to the beginning of more than just a friendship.
A crazy thing we call love

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