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on April 10, 2010 - 5:39pm

This past week was frustrating, but I got through it. Yippee...

I have wasted a lot of time today browsing the internet on the mine explosion in West Virginia and How to Write a Biography.

I first feel the need to mention how horrible I feel for the miners and their families. Mining is such a dangerous job and those who have chosen that career are very brave. Next, I have to say that our government has failed one more time. The mining company is at fault for the lost lives. However, Federal regulators warned the company at least 60 times in 2009 to get their act together or they would be shut down. Why 60 times and why wasn't that mine shut down? The Federal regulators who did not shut them down and the Mining Company CEO's, etc. have to live with the loss of these innocent men for the rest of their lives. No second chances.

I have come to the conclusion after reading all of Josh's tweets, that the man has his own language. Maybe it comes from one of his imaginary friends! Who knows. I do like the imaginary friend thing better than different personalities. I have always had a few of my own! Some have had the nerve to refer to them as gremlins, but I beg to differ!!! I have one that keeps bugging me to take ballet and tap lessons. I have one that insists I am a great dog groomer. If you ask my dogs they will tell you otherwise, especially the one with a patch of hair missing. Then we have the opera friend. Oh yes, she loves to sing, but the peeps in the house don't like her singing. They say she is too loud. These are the same people who turn the volume up on the television so they cannot hear each other talk!

Getting close to the big water sport day. I can feel it. This year I am not taking my binocular-camera. It is the second pair. The first pair fell in the lake and died.

I did some raking today and earned my first blister. The saw-zall's battery died so I could not finish trimming my branches. I need another chainsaw. I think a pink chainsaw would be nice. It would match my hard hat and tools. I like being color coordinated. I just bought black steel toe boots and they are in need of pink shoelaces.

It is almost dark and I have the urge to check out a few things in the yard before it is too dark to see.

Good night to all. Sleep well.


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