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on July 17, 2010 - 8:32pm

FOUR DAYS LEFT and counting. On Thursday, 7/22/10.....THE MAN and most of his fellow firemen and their girlfriends/wives will be heading off to beautiful Munising, Michigan to participate in the VOLUNTEER FIREMAN TOURNAMENTS. The festivities do not begin until late Thursday night with the Shirttail Parade. Every year there is a theme and costumes and props are made by the firemen before they arrive at the tournament city. I can't remember this years theme. One of the reasons the parade is so late...........It is not for kids. The majority of the people are drunk and their costumes, well............they are a bit on the rated R category.

I went to the tournaments for years. However, I got to the point where THE MAN's drinking pushed me so far over the edge that I no longer participated. It just is not me. He has not had a drink for 6 years. I just do not enjoy watching a but of men get drunk.

Time for bed.

Good night!!!

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